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★ SkyBlock upgrades menu | 25% OFF ★ 1.9

★ 4 SkyBlock upgrades menu ★ Cheap ★

  1. GabyTM
    A menu containing 4 upgrades (island size, homes, team size and generato) for skyblock. It is 100% customizable and comes at an affordable price but with support in any problem (related to this resource). VirusTotal scan
    Permissions: skyblockores.LVL0 & upgrades.acces

    How to use:
    Create a new .yml file for this menu in config.yml
    2) Reload the plugin (twice) and paste the menu inside the new Upgrades.yml file
    3) Reload the plugin one more time and now is ready to use :D

    ✦ Island Size
    ✦ Homes
    ✦ Team Size
    ✦ Generator

    ✦ Other ideas?

    ✦ PermissionsEx
    ✦ Group Manager
    ✦ Luck Perms
    | NEW
    ✦ Other ideas?

    | Available | Soon|

    DeluxeMenus (needed)
    SkyBlockOres (needed) - config.yml file inside
    ASkyBlock (needed)
    PermissionsEx / GroupManager / LuckPerms (needed)
    TitleManager (optional) - Used for this

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.9