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Beta Team Deathmatch | Multi Arena | Kits + Skills | 1.8-1.13 Support [0.99% OFF SALE] 1.0

Kill players on the opposing team. The first team to reach the score limit wins!

  1. eickmung
    Minecraft Versions Supported:
    1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13
    GNU Affero General Public License v3
    - Standard Deathmatch with 2 teams, Red and Blue. The objective is for both teams to kill each other to earn points (1 point per kill). The first team to reach the score limit before the timer runs out wins the game! If the timer runs out before a team reaches the score limit, the team with the highest score will win! If both teams have the same score, the game will end in a tie and players won't be awared win rewards.

    1.) Properly download & install the plugin into your server.
    2.) Set the Main lobby in your main world. This will be the location where players get teleported to when a game ends or when a player leaves the game (/tdm setmainlobby).
    3.) Create an arena (/tdm create <arena>). Use Arena command for easy access to arena commands (/tdm arena).
    4.) Set the lobby. Players will be teleported to this location when they join the game (/tdm setlobby <arena>).
    5.) Set the team spawns. Make sure to set all spawns: Red, Blue, Spectator (/tdm setspawn <arena> <team>).
    6.) Set the map creator/author (/tdm setauthor <arena> <author>). This will ensure that credit is given to the hard working map creators.
    7.) Enable the arena in the Arenas.yml file. Make sure to save the file & reload/restart the server.
    8.) Add the arena sign. The first line must be ' [tdm] ', the second line must be ' join ', & the third line must be the name of the arena.
    9.) Add top kills/wins/kd npc (/tdm settop <kills/wins/kd>).
    10.) Reload all the files (/tdm reload).


    Player Commands:
    Arena Commands:
    Admin Commands:


    Player Permissions:
    - tdm.
    - tdm.leave
    - tdm.stats
    - tdm.spectate

    Arena Permissions:
    - tdm.
    - tdm.arena.remove
    - tdm.arena.setmainlobby
    - tdm.arena.setlobby
    - tdm.arena.setspawn
    - tdm.arena.setauthor
    - tdm.arena.info

    Admin Permissions:
    - tdm.
    - tdm.admin.enable
    - tdm.admin.disable
    - tdm.admin.start
    - tdm.admin.stop
    - tdm.admin.version
    - tdm.admin.reload
    - tdm.admin.sign

    Configurable messages
    - Minor messages can be edited. Adding more every update!
    Configurable arenas
    - Confurable settings per arena
    InGame Scoreboard
    - InGame scoreboard that shows game time, team scores, and score to win
    Starting Scoreboard
    - Starting scoreboard that shows lobby countdown, current players / max players, kit name, player credits, and arena name
    Waiting Scoreboard
    - Waiting scoreboard that shows current players / max players, kit name, arena name, and player credits
    Lobby countdown
    - Countdown to give time to select kits and wait for other players
    WarmUp countdown
    - Countdown to give a brief description of the game
    Kit GUI
    - Select/view kits with GUIs that show contents of kit
    Easy to setup!
    - Very easy setup system
    Credits system (No vault required)
    - Built in economy system
    Team balancing system
    - Balances teams automatically
    Respawn timer
    - Timer after each player dies
    5 Unique Kits
    - Trooper, Ranger, Medic, Pyro, and Ghost
    Fireworks at end of game
    - Extra feature to celebrate end of game
    Rewards for kills, wins, and participation
    - Reward players for their kills, wins, and participation
    1.8-1.12 support
    - Team Deathmatch is compatible with Spigot version 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, and 1.12
    Saves inventory on join
    - Stores player's inventory and gives it back to them after leaving the game
    Lobby signs to join
    - Instead of typing a command, now players can join with cool colored signs
    Lobby items
    - Items will be given to players upon joining the game
    Title + Actionbar messages in-game
    - 1.8 Titles and Actionbar messages to replace boring messages
    Min/Max players
    - Configure how many players are need to start a game and how many players can be in a game. (Max players can be unlimited)
    Spectator mode
    - Become a spectator when you die ingame (for 3 seconds), or even Spectate arenas without actually joining the game
    Option to enable/disable arenas
    - Arenas can be enabled/disabled in Arenas.yml
    Kit Skills
    - Each kit has a unique skill.
    Trooper Skill: Intimidate enemies within a 6 block radius, giving them Slowness II for 3 seconds.
    Ranger Skill: Arrows give players Slowness II for 2 seconds.
    Medic Skill: Heal your teammates with the touch of your sword, giving them Regeneration I for 3 seconds. Use your potion to give Regeneration I for 7 seconds to nearby teammates.
    Pyro Skill: Your sword and bow light your enemies on fire.
    Ghost Skill: Sneak for 5 seconds to become invisible. Once invisible, you will receive Regeneration I for 5 seconds.
    Custom kill/death messages
    - Customize kill/death messages when a player is killed or a player earns a killl.
    Multi Arena
    - Create unlimited arenas.
    Map author
    - Give credit to map creators.
    Leaderboard Armorstands
    - Shows top kills, wins, and k/d of players. Update times are configurable.
    List of Arenas
    - Lists all available arenas in a GUI.

    Player Join:
    Unlocked Kit GUI:
    Locked Kit GUI:
    Kit Purchase Confirmation GUI:
    Arena WarmUp Stage:
    End of Game:
    Lobby Sign:
    Leaderboard Armorstands:

    List of Arenas:
    Small Custom Map (Message me for download link):

    - Add Vault support [DONE :D]
    - Add all messages into Messages.yml [X]
    - Create admin commands [DONE :D]
    - Create stats command [DONE :D]
    - Make lobby items configurable [X]
    - Make Kit GUI's configurable [X]
    - Create achievements [X]
    - Create achievement kit Assassin [X]
    - Make rewards configurable [DONE :D]
    - Add 1.12 support [DONE :D]