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✨️PLUGIN✨️【AdvancedDonations】▶ OLGET ◀ 0.0.4

✯ (( Notify your players of recent donations in style! )) ✯

  1. Update 0.0.4

    Added in the zip file the plugin AdvancedDonations.jar file!
    Updated the method for custom potion effects!
    Removed support for PlaceholderAPI, and for MVdWPlaceholderAPI!
    Added in the zip file the plugin addon called AdvancedDonationsMVdWHook.jar!
    Added in the zip file the extension for PlaceholderAPI called Expansion-AdvancedDonations.jar!
  2. Update 0.0.3

    Bugs fixed!
  3. Update 0.0.2

    Added PlayerDonateEvent for Minecraft java developers!
    Added better fireworks format in config using and fireworks effects!
  4. Update 0.0.1

    Added 1.15 version to api-version in plugin.yml file!
    Added UTF-8 charset in input stream reader!