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[♛] zBlacklist | MySQL | Flat File | Blacklist | Unblacklist | Blacklist Check | Blacklists Reset 1.7.5

The best and simple blacklist plugin!

  1. onien
    Minecraft Versions Supported:
    1.7.10 & 1.8.9
    LegitSkrub, onien

    After purchasing join the discord https://discord.gg/JjFfWQd to get a HWID!

    /blacklist (player) - Blacklists a user.
    /unblacklist (player) - Unblacklists a user.
    /zblacklist - Main help command.
    /zblacklist check (player) - Checks if a user is blacklisted.
    /zblacklist reload - Reloads the configs.
    /zblacklist reset - Resets all blacklists.
    #Insert your HWID here. If you do not have one join the support discord https://discord.gg/WFRvjNq
    HWID: ''

    #Choose either FLAT or MySQL
    sql: 'FLAT'

    #Table where banned user will be inserted.
    table: 'blacklisted_players'

    #Only used when using MySQL
    host: localhost
    port: 3306
    database: ''
    username: ''
    password: ''

    - "&4You are blacklisted from &6YOURSERVER"
    - "&cYou may appeal here: &bhttps://YOURSERVER.COM"
    - "&4Reason:"
    - "&6[reason]"
    # - "You can add more Lines just copy this format!"

    - "&4[player] has been permanently blacklisted from &6YOURSERVER&4"
    - "&4Reason: &6[reason]"
    # - "You can add more Lines just copy this format!"

    - "&a[player] has been unblacklisted from &6YOURSERVER"
    # - "You can add more Lines just copy this format!"

    invalidPermission: "&cYou do not have the required permission to use this command!"
    missingArguments: "&cPlease specify a player!"
    playerNotFound: "&cUnable to find player!"
    alreadyBlacklisted: "&cThat player is already blacklisted!"
    notBlacklisted: "&cThat payer is not blacklisted!"
    default-reason: 'Undefined.'
    prefix: '&4zBlacklist &c» '
    reload: '&aConfigurations reloaded.'
    altban: 'Banned on alternate account'
    /blacklist (zora.blacklist)
    /unblacklist (zora.unblacklist)
    /zblacklist (zora.blacklist.admin)
    /zblacklist check (zora.blacklist.admin)
    /zblacklist reload (zora.blacklist.admin)
    /zblacklist reset (Required by console.)
    na.zorapvp.net - onien
    play.emberpvp.com - usefulLynx65084