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LostSkyWars Custom Cage Configurations 1.1

The Best LostSkyWars Custom Cage Configurations!

  1. eickmung
    GNU General Public License v3
    1. Requirements:
      * Java 8 or newer
      * LostSkywars latest version [Premium Plugin: https://www.kanaostore.tk/resources/LostSkyWars.1]


    lostskywars.cages.magicbox - Allow to magic box cage


    2019-12-12_19.18.25.png 2019-12-12_19.18.28.png 2019-12-12_19.18.30.png 2019-12-12_19.18.33.png 2019-12-12_19.18.34.png

    1. Terms And Services
      By purchasing this plugin, you agree to these terms of service:
      • No refunds.
      • You may not redistribute this plugin.
      • You may not share this plugin's file and source code.
      • You may not post negative reviews based on bugs, suggestions, missing features, and unsupported versions. Please contact us in the discussion section instead.
      • I have the right to change the TOS without a warning at any time.
      • I have the right to remove your license at any time in case of breaking any of the TOS.


    1. 2019-12-12_19.18.27.png
    2. 2019-12-12_19.18.31.png

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