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PhasmatosEnchantsGUI - Buy enchants in gui for level or money! 2.4

Do you want to have a control in choosing enchants? Now you can do that! Buy them for exp or money!

  1. eickmung
    Minecraft Versions Supported:
    GNU General Public License v3
    Have you ever wanted to have a control while choosing enchants (in enchantment table)?
    • With this plugin your players are able to choose enchant in gui and buy it for level or money, depending on your configuration.
    • If they click on the enchant - old enchants gui will not open - instead of it - new enchant gui will open to the player and he will can choose enchant.
    • The basic moneymanager is based on vault, so if you are using "money" in enchants you need to install Vault plugin.
    • Whole plugin is configurable! You can add a lot of enchants, change the gui and even add your own "money manager" if you are developer, the code is clean and easy to read.

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