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AdvancedBans Custom Messages & Layout 0.2

Custom made messages & layouts for AdvancedBans

  1. Moody Services
    AdvancedBans Custom Messages & Layout

    What you require:


    How to install:

    1. Download AdvancedBans. (Skip to step 4 if you have AdvancedBans installed)
    2. Put it in your plugins folder.
    3. Start your server.
    4. Go to your plugins folder then to AdvancedBans folder.
    5. Delete the messages.yml file & the layouts.yml file.
    6. Open the .zip file that you get from this resource.
    7. Click and drag (or upload it) the messages.yml file & the layouts.yml file into the AdvancedBans folder.
    8. Go into game or into console and run the command "/advancedbans reload".
    9. The messages & layouts are now installed.

    For the Layouts to work do this:
    For the Hacking Layout: /tempban <name> #Hacking @Hacking
    For the Breaking Chat Rules: /tempmute <name> #chatbroken @chatbroken

    Pictures of about everything: some features might not be showed in the pictures but all messages have been changed:

    Usage / No Permission:
    NoPerm+Usage Messages.PNG
    Mute Related:
    chat perm mute.PNG
    Mute+TempMute+UnMute.PNG Temp mute chat.PNG
    Ban Releated:
    perm message ban.PNG
    temp ban screen.PNG
    permaban+tempban+unban.PNG permaban+tempban+unban.PNG
    Warn Related:
    warned message.PNG Warns.PNG

    There are more images but I have reached the max images 10. Contact me on discord (RyanMoodGAMING#4307).

    Hope you like it.


    For support please contact us via conversations!


    1. Temp mute chat.PNG

Recent Updates

  1. Updated Messages.yml