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ChatFeelings Reloaded 1.1

An updated version of ChatFeelings with more features!

  1. FireWolf

    Ever wanted to express your feelings with others? Now you can with the new and improved version of ChatFeelings!

    = 36 new actions/feelings not in the original plugin =
    = New category of commands =
    = New design =

    Commands and Permissions
    /actions - cfr.use.actions

    /bite - cfr.use.bite
    /blush - cfr.use.blush
    /boi - cfr.use.boi
    /cringe - cfr.use.cringe
    /cry - cfr.use.cry
    /dab - cfr.use.dab
    /envy - cfr.use.envy
    /fight - cfr.use.fight
    /fly - cfr.use.fly
    /hide - cfr.use.hide
    /highfive - cfr.use.highfive
    /hug - cfr.use.hug
    /kiss - cfr.use.kiss
    /lick - cfr.use.lick
    /love - cfr.use.love
    /murder - cfr.use.murder
    /pity - cfr.use.pity
    /poke - cfr.use.poke
    /punch - cfr.use.punch
    /shake - cfr.use.shake
    /shoes - cfr.use.shoes
    /sing - cfr.use.sing
    /slap - cfr.use.slap
    /sleep - cfr.use.sleep
    /snuggle - cfr.use.snuggle
    /spell - cfr.use.spell
    /stab - cfr.use.stab
    /stalk - cfr.use.stalk
    /wave - cfr.use.wave
    /wink - cfr.use.wink
    /whisper - cfr.use.whisper
    /yell - cfr.use.yell

    /feelings - cfr.use.actions

    /afraid - cfr.use.afraid
    /angry - cfr.use.angry
    /annoyed - cfr.use.annoyed
    /bored - cfr.use.bored
    /calm - cfr.use.calm
    /confused - cfr.use.confused
    /crazy - cfr.use.crazy
    /excited - cfr.use.excited
    /guilty - cfr.use.guilty
    /happy - cfr.use.happy
    /jealous - cfr.use.jealous
    /jolly - cfr.use.jolly
    /lonely - cfr.use.lonely
    /loved - cfr.use.loved
    /nervous - cfr.use.nervous
    /sad - cfr.use.sad
    /scared - cfr.use.scared
    /shy - cfr.use.shy
    /worried - cfr.use.worried

    /cf - crf.admin

    Does your server use this plugin? Let me know and i'll add it to this list.

    = None yet =

    Find any bugs? Have any suggestions? Let me know in the discussion tab.
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