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High Quality Essentials Messages! | Perfect for any server | Color Coded 1.5

Color coded essentials messages.

  1. ItzSave
    I have spent a lot of time making these messages. Most of the messages are color coded. There are some messages that are not changed yet I will be updating those soon. Just looking for some feedback so far.

    These messages are updated for the latest version of EssentialsX

    Yellow = Telling you something
    Green = Was Completed
    Red = Failed or no permission.


    Terms Of Service:
    (1) You are not allowed to resell this resource without permission from me.
    (2) You are not allowed to redistribute these files in any way without my consent.
    (3) You are free to use this on any networks YOU own.
    (4) I have the right to revoke access to this resource if you break my TOS at any point in time.
    (5) These can be updated at any time and you agree to follow the most recent version of them.

Recent Updates

  1. Much needed update.