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KitSigns 1.0

/kits | Clickable Sign | Custom Sign Colors

  1. S1ant
    Minecraft Versions Supported:
    Clickable Signs with Customizable colors!


    /kit - GUI with clickable items.
    /ksrl - Reload config.yml file
    3 Kits Diamond, Archer, and Bard
    Click a sign to receive kit
    Turn gui on or off.
    A player can place a sign if they have the permission 'kitigns.placesign' or is opped.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Protection 1, Unbreaking 3 - Armor
    8:00 - Fire Resistance Potion
    1:30 - Speed 2
    Sharpness 1 unbreaking 3 - Sword
    Instant Health 2 Potion