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Beta Miniatures | Miniature Pets [Custom miniatures] [50% OFF SALE] 1.1

Create your own pets for your hub server!

  1. eickmung
    Minecraft Versions Supported:
    1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 1.12
    GNU Affero General Public License v3

    • Player data
    • Custom miniatures
    • MySQL support
    • Custom messages
    • Miniature animation
    • Miniatures with particles
    • No permission message sound


    /miniatures, /mpet - Main commands

    /mpet get <miniature> - Get a miniature
    /mpet info <player> - Get player's miniature info
    /mpet remove - Remove your current miniature
    /mpet menu - Menu of miniatures
    /mpet reload - Reload the plugin


    miniatures.use - Allow to use main commans
    miniatures.* - Allow to all plugin permissions
    miniatures.use.<miniature> - Allow to use a specific miniature
    miniatures.rightclick - Allow to get miniature info with rightclick

    miniatures.info - Allow to get player's miniature information
    miniatures.remove - Allow to remove a miniature
    miniatures.menu - Allow to use miniatures menu
    miniatures.reload - Allow to reload the plugin


    Miniature particles




    Spanish by Forge37gamer [OUTDATED]


    Compatibility: 1.8 - 1.12.2

    • %player% - Player name
    • %miniature% - Miniature name
    • %prefix% - Plugin prefix
    • %miniature_type%
    • %miniature_owner%


    # Turn flame particles on miniature spawn true/false
    particleOnSpawn: true
    # Spawn miniature on world change true/false
    spawnOnWorldChange: true
    # Config no perm sound
    noPermSoundEnabled: true
    noPermSoundPitch: 2
    # Change miniature names
    jake: Jake The Dog
    alien: Alien
    devil: Devil
    koala: Koala
    ender: Enderman
    panda: Panda
    ghost: Ghost
    sheep: Sheep
    dragon: Dragon
    zombie: Zombie
    pikachu: Pikachu
    penguin: Penguin
    creeper: Creeper
    astronaut: Astronaut
    teddybear: Teddy Bear
    # Enable or disable any miniature (turn it false to disable and true to enable)
    jake: true
    alien: true
    devil: true
    koala: true
    ender: true
    panda: true
    ghost: true
    sheep: true
    dragon: true
    zombie: true
    pikachu: true
    penguin: true
    creeper: true
    astronaut: true
    teddybear: true
    # Enable or disable any miniature particle (turn it false to disable and true to enable)
    alien: true
    devil: true
    ender: true
    ghost: true
    dragon: true
    astronaut: true
    teddybear: true
    # Enable or disable any miniature item hand (turn it false to disable and true to enable)
    ender: true
    panda: true
    # Options for join item, turn 'enabled: true' to false to disable join item
    # You can change material in 'material:' do not put any item ID, only names.
    enabled: true
    name: '&aMiniatures menu'
    lore: '&7Open miniatures menu'
    slot: 4
    material: BONE
    # Options for right-click information
    # player is for who clicked and owner for miniature owner
    enabled: true
    1: '&aThis is a &eminiature&a.'
    2: '&6Buy a rank to get one!'
    3: '&bMiniature owner: &7%miniature_owner%'
    4: '&bMiniature type: &7%miniature_type%'
    1: '&aThis is your &eminiature&a.'
    2: '&bMiniature type: &7%miniature_type%'

    # Config all messages
    guiName: '&8Miniature List'
    remove: '&aRemove miniature'
    locked: '&cLocked'
    unlocked: '&aUnlocked'
    jake: '&bJake The Dog miniature'
    alien: '&bAlien miniature'
    devil: '&bDevil miniature'
    koala: '&bKoala miniature'
    ender: '&bEnderman miniature'
    panda: '&bPanda miniature'
    ghost: '&bGhost miniature'
    sheep: '&bSheep miniature'
    dragon: '&bDragon miniature'
    zombie: '&bZombie miniature'
    pikachu: '&bPikachu miniature'
    penguin: '&bPenguin miniature'
    creeper: '&bCreeper miniature'
    astronaut: '&bAstronaut miniature'
    teddybear: '&bTeddy Bear miniature'
    jake: '&7Select a jake the dog miniature to follow you'
    alien: '&7Select an alien miniature to follow you'
    devil: '&7Select a devil miniature to follow you'
    koala: '&7Select a koala miniature to follow you'
    ender: '&7Select an enderman miniature to follow you'
    panda: '&7Select a panda miniature to follow you'
    ghost: '&7Select a ghost miniature to follow you'
    sheep: '&7Select a sheep miniature to follow you'
    dragon: '&7Select a dragon miniature to follow you'
    zombie: '&7Select a zombie miniature to follow you'
    pikachu: '&7Select a pikachu miniature to follow you'
    penguin: '&7Select a penguin miniature to follow you'
    creeper: '&7Select a creeper miniature to follow you'
    astronaut: '&7Select an astronaut miniature to follow you'
    teddybear: '&7Select a teddy bear miniature to follow you'
    remove: '&7Remove your current miniature'
    equip: '&6Click to equip!'
    prefix: '&8[&cMiniatures&8]'
    noPermission: '&cERROR: You do not have permission to do this.'
    noMiniatures: '%prefix% &cYou do not have any miniature.'
    invalidMiniature: '%prefix% &cThis miniature does not exists.'
    alreadyMiniature: '%prefix% &cYou already have this miniature.'
    miniatureRemoved: '%prefix% &aYour miniature has been removed!'
    miniatureSpawned: '%prefix% &aEquipped a %miniature% miniature!'
    miniatureDisabled: '%prefix% &cThe miniature %miniature% is currently disabled.'

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