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    Hello, Aeroverra here bringing you MineGuard. Ever since the first day, I noticed people selling Minecraft accounts I wondered to myself how merchants could sell unmigrated accounts and not have their client base lie about what accounts are good or bad. When I found out they kinda just guessed, sometimes referring to NameMC when accounts changed their names directly after migration but in many cases, this is not a solution and unmigrated accounts are falsely claimed bad in alarming numbers. Today I bring you the solution with MineGuard.

    ▪◾◼ What does MineGuard do? ◼◾▪

    Mineguard watches over your accounts, it monitors your Unmigrated and Optifine and when an account gets migrated or a cape is moved to another account, Mineguard will know and be able to provide you with an exact time of the change within a 5-10 minute period. NO MORE guessing if an account was actually bad before the client received it, NO MORE need for lengthy warranty periods and most importantly NO MORE false claims. It even means legitimate buyers won't have to worry about getting their claim fulfilled if their shop is protected with Mineguard.

    Once an account is complete it provides you with a proof link publically available to anyone you give it to.


    We have plans to finish this product with selly integration with a quick and simple way to compare order delivery time with the accounts provided, possibly even swapping bad accounts before delivery or sending you a notification that a bad account was sent.

    ▪◾◼ FAQ ◼◾▪
    Is this a plot to steal all my Unmigrated and Optifine accounts?
    No but the best part is you don't have to trust us with them! All we need is the username and from there we can give you the full power of MineGuard without the worry of your accounts being stolen.

    What will the cost be when it is released?
    We are not releasing any exact numbers yet, but we expect the regular access tier with accuracy within a 10 minute period to be within the $10-15 a month range and the higher 1 minute of accuracy to be around the $20-$30 range.

    When I import accounts will it remove the attributes for me? Example: [UFA] user : email :pass
    Yes all AeroChecker and any other found attributes will be removed automatically.

    Does this support NFA or SFA accounts?
    No that doesn't make sense.

    Will this check the list of accounts I leached off the web?
    No, anyone trying to use this as a username checker for accounts they don't know the status of will be removed.

    ▪◾◼ More to come soon ◼◾▪
    Please note we are in beta and will not promise full stability, accuracy etc until the paid services are released sometime this week.
    - This thread is in progress and will be completed soon

    MCTrades: Please message me on here for now and no talk of buying or selling accounts in the discord!
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    Wow what a great service. Will never be scammed by buyers again!