Investing I need $20 Loan (Job Application)

Discussion in 'Loans' started by Kxi, Apr 25, 2019.

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  1. Kxi

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    Discord Tag: Foxy#9893
    How much do you need: $20
    How much are you paying back: $25 is good right?
    When are you able to pay back: in 2 days when i get my loan
    What do you need the loan for: I would request a new birth certificate because my staff manager that company i am applying is not accepting old documents and the birth certificate request is $19.80

    How do you plan to get the money to pay me back: Usually staff manager gives new members first salary and i can actually pay it back in time frame when i get accepted on my job.

    What can you give during the loan process (optional): I can give my VIP+ Full Access if you want.
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