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Discussion in 'Graphics' started by RelentlessWorks, May 14, 2019.

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  1. RelentlessWorks

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    I am not staying on minecraft marketplaces long, as soon as I get what I need from here i'm going back to other market places. At the moment I am looking for some Graphic Artists and Illustrators.
    You get 80% of the payment from clients and in return something not many of these little service teams offer is more clients.

    At the moment we are just a Discord and I have done this before but I sold it off.
    The 20% I gain from all my soon to be clients will be going directly towards a website and improving advertisements threw my team.
    My main target is Esports and gaming which is what most people here are also going for I would assume.

    After the Website I would focus more on expanding into Development, and so on fourth. In order to do so though i'm looking for people that are willing to work with me and who are open to giving suggestion and help make something great for people.

    Will not be responding here or this website in general

    Contact me via discord or email
    [email protected]
  2. AegiZzDesigns

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    Discord link? Also how many people in this discord?