Hiring Owner - Veru Network (HCF & Kits)

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Azut, Oct 6, 2019.

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  1. Azut

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    Greetings MC-Trades community​

    About us:​
    Me: Fiqs, 17 years old, experience with owning HCF networks for the past 3 years.​
    Teaqz: 20 years old, experience with developing for HCF networks for the past 4 years, and​
    I recently made a network called Veru with my developer Teaqz​

    It currently is to hard for us to do everything by ourselves thats why we are looking for a third owner that can do small tasks such as staff management and advertisement.​

    Checkout our server:​
    IP: Veru.cc​
    Webstore: ​

    Forums: ​

    Having previous experience is not required, since we will take our time to learn you everything.​


    You must be 14 years or older​
    You must be mature​
    You must have experience with HCF​
    You also need to put a small amount of money into the network every 2 weeks.​

    What will you get in return:​
    Our trust, motivation and support​
    Owner Rank​
    Percentage of donations (will be discussed in a call)​

    For more information please contact me on telegram: @FiqsMC​
  2. JustGaminq

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    I am interested in this. Contacted