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Discussion in 'Minecraft Services' started by GreatAlts, Dec 1, 2019 at 12:36 PM.

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    Hello guys I'm selling Hypixel SkyBlock coins

    1.000.000+ coins purchase -> 5$/1M (0.05$/10k) 50% OFF
    10.000.000+ coins purchase -> $3.5/1M (0.035$/10k-> 35$/10M) 65% OFF

    Items I am selling:
    Enchanted Diamond Block - 2$/piece
    Runaan's Bow - 10$/piece (Possibly enchanted)
    Super Compactor 3000 - 2.5$/piece
    Full Ender Armor Set (Pieces may be enchanted) - 5$/Set
    Enchanted Emerald Block - 2$/piece
    Full Magma Armor Set (Pieces may be enchanted) - 5$/Set
    +Many Talismans and Minions

    Special Offers:

    -Pigman Sword (Enchanted)- 40$/piece
    -AOTE - 5$/piece

    Accepting PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill and CS:GO Skins (Includes additional fees)

    Proof Of Transactions:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Photos Of Items:

    [​IMG] (Leaping Sword)
    [​IMG] (Pigman Sword)