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Discussion in 'Loans' started by bank, Dec 10, 2019.

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    I decided a good way to profit whilst helping out the community would be to offer fast, efficient and affordable loans in time for Christmas. Not only this but I have seen there is no real, high end loan services out there; I figured why not be the first.

    Active Balance; [Updated frequently] roughly £1,000 or the equivalent of $1,300

    Active Loans;
    Failed Loans;

    Failure to follow the format below will result in your request for a loan being instantly denied, no questions asked. Do not message me through either Discord or on-site. If you're an applicable candidate I will contact you to discuss details further, thanks.

    How much do you need:
    How much are you paying back:
    When are you able to pay back:
    What do you need the loan for:
    How do you plan to get the money to pay me back:
    Do you have any evidence to support your theory of how you plan to pay me back (if you tell me you'll use your paycheck from KFC, please provide evidence of past paychecks with timestamps).
    (Credits to Tony for the format, if he has an issue with me using his I will happily implement my own)
    The TOS is rather simple. Before I list the TOS I'd like to mention; I will carry out background checks on both your alias as well as any other Social Media profiles to understand both your personality as well as your past and if you are known for Scamming or causing a commotion.

    1) I will send the loan via G&S using my bank as the source of payment in the case you decide to not pay me back or dip on me.
    2) Should you decide to fail on paying me back the loan, I will reverse both the payment as well as file a case against you through your local Police; of course a Dispute will be submitted on here too.
    3) If you are unable to pay me back on the agreed schedule, work with me and I will do the same with you. I am an understanding individual and I'm happy to increase payback extensions depending on the reasoning behind failing to meet the set schedule.
    4) I reserve the right to deny any Loan requests, I might include a reasoning and I may not.
    5) I also reserve the right to update the TOS at anytime without notice, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with my thread.

    Happy Christmas!
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    Good luck. kingpep<3
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    I know that you may deny my request due to my account just made, but i just left mc-m because i has been a member on it since 2018 now, and i didn't receive access to loan forums.

    How much do you need: 36$
    How much are you paying back: 46$
    When are you able to pay back: Maximum 10th Jan, And minimum 2nd Jan.
    What do you need the loan for: I own a minecraft server, i need them to pay my hosting providers. (Server releasing in 1st Jan)
    How do you plan to get the money to pay me back: Mostly from my gains, or else from my part-time job as a freelancer.
    Do you have any evidence to support your theory of how you plan to pay me back: This is my server's discord (not self promoting) :