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    to this thread! I assume you are here because you want to find the best servers for either one game or various games? If not then you must own a server and want to gain exposure to new players and grow your playerbase? For either of those two options you have came to the right place! is a new gaming server list where our mission is to provide a quality service for finding and tracking the best servers for the hottest games. I know what you are thinking, another server list. There are not too many gaming server lists out there that support a lot of games which is why we are trying to become the top 5 in the world! We already did half the work, we got a really nice domain and the website is made. Now its your turn and support us by adding your servers and get involved!

    * As we just launched we are in the process of setting up some SEO campaigns so we can start ranking on google and other search engines so your server can gain more players!

    * We are also working on getting some partnerships to again even more visitors!

    If you are still reading this then I assume you are interested :) Go ahead and add your server and become the next best server!
    * If you have any issues don't hesitate to message me!