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Discussion in 'Advertising Services' started by DannyMe, Jan 11, 2020.

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    Hi all,

    I present my very own TOP servers list.

    Goal of this project is to deliver top notch experience for players who are looking where to play and servers owners who want to get more players.

    Few features:
    • Voting, views, players, rank & uptime charts for the whole month
    • Top 10 voters table for each server
    • Many different vote / status banners. Generate any color you like, few variations of different sizes and background images. See examples below.




    • Easy navigation through the list - find servers easily
    • Top list system automatically extracts Minecraft servers icons
    • And much more...

    Link -

    Post your server link here and I will reward your server with 2 months of free premium status. To read more about benefits of premium go here -

    Minecraft targeted Google Adwords compaign is ON. Add your server to get your chunk of potential players for your server!