Investing Ted's Loans $1-$10 USD (PayPal)

Discussion in 'Loans' started by TedzBoi, Feb 12, 2020.

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    Pretty much as the title says $1-$10 loans (PayPal only) for anyone!


    How much do you need:

    How much can you pay me back:

    How long will it take you to pay me back:

    Why do you need the loan:

    How will you get the money to pay me back:

    Evidence of how you will pay me back:

    If you payment/pay back is overdue there will be a 5% interest rate per day!
    Failure to pay me back within 3 days will lead to me reporting / opening a case against you with PayPal and MCTrades

    You can ever message me on McTrades or on Discord: Tedz#6503

    Have a good day :)