Offering Cheap Th11 (maxed) BK:22 AQ:38 GW:11 - IOS and Android -Supercell ID ☑️

Discussion in 'Other' started by cocseller, Feb 20, 2020.

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    Screenshots are here :

    Fast and quick answer. Msg me on Discord if you wanna buy the account or want some newer screenshots,

    Also Message me with your offer I can make price a bit better for you!:)

    Discord : adxxm.-.#6004
    King : 22
    Queen : 38
    Grand Warden : 11
    TH 11 was maxed so-> TH 12
    Lvl 168
    gems : 232
    Magic items: ALL
    Builders: 5/5
    Trophies: 2937