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Discussion in 'Configurations' started by Chief_Ceci, Mar 14, 2020.

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    About us :
    nomadelucky services can help you fix evey issue you got with your server / network we created nomadelucky services to help people in special needs for cheap at 2020 march 14. Our aim is to provide high quality work and last but not least you guys can see alot teams like us but were not like them we do our job fast cheap and everything you guys need will be done if its not you are going to get your money back more info at our discord : or add me on discord : Chief_Ceci#4142

    Why should you choose us :

    High Quality, Affordable Fast support and Fast Work


    1. Buildings - Good looking, cheap, exclusive and they are getting builded by a well know guy fast as well
    2. Bot Development - Currently we can offer you an Music Bot, GTA 5 RolePlay bot and if you want any other features we will try to add them :)
    3. Setups & Configurations - we can offer you high-standarts setups and configurations never seen before, also if you want anything included like plugins builds we can work with that, you just need proof of that they are yours.
    4. Minecraft Cane Script - Tutorial how to start the script and how to run it, also its very cheap for the being.
    5. Bot hosting 24/7 - We can offer you an 24/7 uptime bot without any lag or anything if you purchase 2of our products this is an exclusive offer

    Terms and Conditions:

    1. Payment / Purchasing » No Refunds Your cash can not be refunded if you have purchased a product and want to return it, however if the product is faulty or has a problem with it, it will be replaced.

    2. Payment Method » We only accept payments via PayPal f&f.

    3. Product / Information Reselling The Product » When you have purchased a product this does Not give you permission to resell or redistribute the product in anyway.

    4. Sharing The Product » When you have purchased a product this does Not give you permission to share it to anyone, for example give it to someone for free and letting them use the product.

    By purchasing the product this does not give you permission to take credit of the product, for example saying that you have created the product.

    You do not have permission to send messages in this channel.