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Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Curvvy, Mar 25, 2020.

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    Greetings! Sacrifice is a brand new competitive faction server. If you are truly interested in learning more about the server, you can me for information. We have just recently started recruiting and are looking for the following ranks and have a certain amount of spots available. The release date is 4/18/2020!

    Needed Positions ;

    #1 Senior Moderator (1/3)
    #2 Administrator (1/3)
    #3 Senior-Administrator (1/3)

    Once the server is up and going, we will be creating more realms. The goal is to open a network with Factions (Realms), a prison server, and a sky-block server. There will be one Senior Administrator per server/realm, to act as the manager. So in other words, our Senior Administrators are managers. We will be looking for more positions in the future.
    How to Instantly be denied :
    ↠ Applying under the age of 15.
    ↠ Not able to use a microphone.
    ↠ Currently working for another server.
    ↠ Requesting staff members to look at your application.
    ↠ Lying during an interview or on the forums.
    ↠ Incorrect Format/Title.
    ↠ Lack of detail and effort.
    Requirements :

    ↠ Must be the age of 15 or older.
    ↠ Must have a working microphone and be able to record.
    ↠ You must be able to fluently speak/write English.
    ↠ Not allowed to work for any other servers.
    ↠ Must have a decent amount of experience for Moderator and above.

    Application System :

    How to apply??
    You must use the link provided below.
    Link - https://sacrificemc.com/forums/staff-applications.66/

    Discord » Curvvy#1939 (Manager)
    Discord » https://discord.gg/hAkNY5M

    Thank you for taking the time to go over this post. I hope to see you on the server whether you join the staff team or play on the server.