Offering Selling Grandmas Needles

Discussion in 'Website & Application Services' started by Racami, Apr 3, 2020.

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    Hi so back in early December I paid someone to create me a site for my grandma for a Christmas present because she wanted to try selling her knitting online but sadly after some complications with the web developer I received the site 5 months late.

    I had already paid for the domain: ( $7.00 USD )

    And along with this I paid for a site logo and icons:

    Logo ( $60 USD ):

    Then for a place for all this to go I paid someone to make a site for me a site that took way too long to be made and cost a total of $270 USD, now thats a lot for me as I'm from New Zealand and that's about $450 for that and I paid for this out of my own pocket for my grandma might I add I didn't have an income at the time and still dont and can't get a job because of the covid-19 problem.

    Site: ( $270 USD )

    Now in late February I decided to tell my grandma what I was getting her and she thought it was really cool so then I kept waiting then mid march my grandma told me not to worry about it anymore and to try focus on getting a job which I did but didn't have much luck as the corona virus was happening at the time.

    So if you'd like to take this site off of my hands heres the info:

    Starting Bid: $30
    Current Bid: **
    BIN: $280 USD

    If you'd like more info contact me via pm here or message my discord: