Investing Ninety's Loan Shop [$1-$15]

Discussion in 'Loans' started by Ninety, Apr 29, 2020.

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    If you are going to scam, please do not request a loan. Thank you.

    Reply with this
    How much money do you need?
    When will you pay it off by?
    What is the money for?
    How will you pay it off?
    How much money will you payback?
    Do you agree to all terms and disclaimers listed on this thread? (respond yes/no)
    Do you have any other loans active?

    Terms Of Service

    Ninetys Loans – Terms of Service

    • If I chargeback in any of the following situations, you are required to pay the full amount of the agreed upon interest. I may chargeback or otherwise forcibly regain funds via a dispute through a financial institution in any of the following situations:
      • Where you have not contacted me for over 5 days.
      • Where I have attempted to contact you, you have received and read the messages, and ignored them.
        • Where you are responding to others or on other platforms.
      • Where you are at all late on the agreed upon deadline
      • Where you have admitted to scamming or having scamming intent.
      • If you are banned from MC-Market for scamming or scamming intent.
        • Any fees incurred by me disputing the payment through any means available to me shall not be compensated.
        • You are still required to payback the full agreed upon amount and any fees incurred in the event that I am forced to chargeback earlier than the due date for any of the above reasons.
    • Paying back your loan late will result in fees. These fees will be charged at the rate of $5 per day.
      • To be considered late you do not need to be over the deadline by a full day, you just need to be over it. Being at all over the deadline will result in late fees. Late fees are tracked by every day you are over the deadline.
    • You are never entitled extensions to the loan for any reason.
    • Once the loan is sent, you are required to pay back the full amount regardless of the funds being returned early.
    • You may not take out another loan while having a loan out with me. You may not have an active loan when requesting one from me. Once your loan is accepted you may not otherwise involve yourself with any other loan.
      • Failure to adhere to this will result in a $10 penalty fee.
    • The transaction you send me to pay your outstanding loan balance will be sent through paypal goods and services.
      • You are responsible for covering all fees incurred by paypal such that I receive the complete and total amount of the agreed upon loan and interest combined.
    • I am not responsible for covering fees when sending you the payment.
      • You may not take any fees incurred by paypal from the transaction I sent you out of the payback amount.

    This disclaimer is part of the terms and conditions of Ninetys Loans. It is my right to be able to decline any loan request made to me. I have every right to accept your loan only then to deny it once again, in this situation you may not attempt to take any action on me. The only final acceptance of your loan I offer is by sending the funds, until the transaction has occurred, I have every right to stop the deal and decline your request.

    Do not bump your conversation. Do not contact me on discord telling me you have applied for a loan. Do not otherwise indicate outside the conversation except on this thread that you have asked for a loan.
  2. Eclipsed Dvor

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    Nevermind you cant pay ppl with gift cards