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Discussion in 'Advertising Services' started by Zalbus, May 9, 2020.

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    I am the owner of Hysteria Network, I am looking for YouTubers or twitch streamers of any size. Even 100 subscribers. Please contact me on Discord if interested to record a video & or re upload trailer. Here are some details about our server:

    Hysteria factions is a 1.7 - 1.15 factions network bringing you a custom factions experience. Free of cheaters and lag. This server is fully different from all the other faction networks and has some amazing unique features for you to use. All features from our store can be obtained in game without spending a single dime. Hysteria #1 prority is making the community happy, we do this by hosting community polls. This server also offers faction top payouts. We optimize our gameplay to the full extent and keep our players in mind. We prefer performance and experience over players, and purchase the highest possible hardware available to host our servers.

    This server has many features making it different from the rest, such as pets, robots, and more. This server is also offering Factions Top PayPal Payouts

    If you are interested in recording for Hysteria Network, releasing on Tuesday, please contact me by Discord: Zalbus#4531

    IP -
    Discord -

    My Discord - Zalbus#4531

    See you around!