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    The PVP Network Is Now Recruiting Staff!

    Welcome to ThePvPNetwork, the most ambitious upcoming skyblock server to date. We will be hosting a wide variety of unique and custom ideas. You would be playing with a large number of famous youtubers and players. We aim to bring an “anti-pay2win” environment where all players can have a fair and competitive gameplay experience. Our vision of skyblock will be a solely PvP oriented skyblock experience where you have to go to our warzone without a doubt.

    We want our staff to have an amazing experience at ThePvP. As a staff member you can expect frequent contests as well as a chance to prove yourself by winning staff of the week/month. Winners of these contests will win PayPal, Buycraft and Gaming equipment rewards.

    Interested in applying for staff? Please join the discord invite link below and proceed to go to #application-and-roles then do %apply in #bot. Please also read the guide and make sure to follow the format