Offering [Cheap] Pterodactyl Full Installation ∣ Bungeecord ∣ Discord.js

Discussion in 'Setups' started by LeafPlayz, Jun 30, 2020 at 11:40 PM.

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  1. LeafPlayz

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    Minecraft Accounts: LeafPlayz
    Pterodactyl Full Installation:
    Install The panel + daemon
    Price: $2

    Bungeecord Setup (Minecraft): $1
    Discord.js Egg Setup (Discord Bot): $1

    Terms Of Service:
    - Refund/Chargeback is not allowed.
    - You must pay in Paypal F&F (Accepting other payment method, add me on Discord)
    - If you are going to pay in Paypal G&S, please let me know on Discord.

    More info will be given on my Discord.

    Leaf#0083 (Discord)