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Discussion in 'Server Management' started by Arya, Jul 7, 2020.

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    I know its hard to read "Why Choose Me" Below will be in writing.
    I have a large number of skills I can offer your server, I can bring simple server setups and Discord setups for the structure of your server. I can also set up a forum if you have that. I am able to do most things your server needs. Without a good staff base, your server will, well… Most likely go anywhere. Your server will not go anywhere with a good positive attitude and I think I can help with that. I can bring your staff team closer together and make sure that everyone is inline. I have seen many servers rise and fall many due to the owners having no Idea how to handle their staff or community. If this is the case with your server then you need A manager and that is why I am here to help. I have a quick response time when it comes to Direct Messages and I believe that is essential for a “Good Manager” because if you don’t then well... That can lead to unreliability which is terrible for your reputation. I can generally be on for at least 8 hours a day during Corona. I am not afraid to do any big things that might affect the server because I believe that is something a server really does need. If I see any sign of a “Corrupt” staff member I will not hesitate to either subject them to a demotion or have a talk with them.

    Please leave your discord below for me to contact you.

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