Requesting Beware from Paxful Scams

Discussion in 'Currency Exchange' started by EmailSeller, Sep 11, 2020.

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    I write it for a newbie on Paxful. Please be careful Start trade on Paxful, Especially for trade with Neteller, Skrill, Payoneer and like as others. I'm Writing it when I already lost a lot of money with Neteller Skrill and Payoneer trade. Some dishonest traders make payment with their self account, after finish the trade they make a claim to Skrill Neteller Payoneer for return fund. they said someone hacked or somehow transfer this fund from my account. sometimes they make a payment from a hacked accounts so the account real owner clam for a refund. in this time authority lock your fund and contact with you to verify this payment. they'll ask you payment purpose, relation with the sender or payment contact or chat or like as information but if you submit Paxful details they close your account and you lost your trade fund with your own other funds. because Skrill Neteller Payoneer didn't support exchange with BTC.
    some time dishonest traders purchase some ranked Paxful ID and scam with it. So please go ahead carefully. I can't blame to Paxful, Skrill Neteller, Payoneer company, they are trusted companies. I'm sorry for my bad English. Thank you for reading.
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