Semi-OG Account - "Gryffin"

Discussion in 'Semi-OG Accounts' started by Act, Oct 12, 2020.

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    Minecraft Accounts: Gryffin
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    Username: Gryffin


    Transaction ID: No

    Previous Owners: 1

    Additional Information:

    1 Known previous owner.

    Comes with current email & email changeable, secured by Violet for 3-4 months now.
    - OF Cape
    - MVP+
    - 64 Network Level
    - 15 star BW
    - 9 star SW
    - Name of a band
    - One name change

    Some minor pro's:
    - Cut, Juul, Junk, and Kenzie on Friends List
    - areumadlol and IgnChucky on friends list (One has YT rank, other 13k+ subs)

    Minor Con:
    - Was used as my main for the past 3 months, so all my friends have it added. If the account is sold, I will make them all aware about it.

    We can go through a MM, but you pay fee's. I won't go first. I accept PP F&F.

    SB: $10
    C/O: $40
  2. Memes

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    GLWS, clean account-are there any other ranks/entities on the account? Thanks for replying, have a nice day,
  3. Act

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    Minecraft Accounts: Gryffin
    Oh yep, I have only used it on Hypixel. It has MVP+ on it, though.

    Edit: I realized you said other haha. If you have a server you want me to check, let me know. I'm not really sure what you mean by 'entities', though.
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    C/O now $40
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  4. kiitybuyssht

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    heya, if you still have this could you message me on discord kiity#0001 [nitro]