Official Happy New Year MCTrades!

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    Hello MCTrades!

    As the year of 2020 comes to an end, I wanted to take a look at how far we have come as a community.
    24,000+ Total Registered Members!
    32,000+ Total Discussions!
    150,000 Total Messages!

    Ever since our lovely site has started in 2016, we have been growing more and more with the support of our members! We want to let you know that we appreciate this wonderful support and we hope to continue to grow more and more!

    Site Updates:

    As you may know we are dealing with some minor bugs/technical difficulties, but rest assure we are hard at work trying our best to fix all of these problems and appreciate everyone's support during these times!

    Minecraft Association should be up and running before the end of January!
    A few new features are planned to be released for ranked users, as well as another rank appearing!
    Posting issues where users are being signed out while creating a new thread should be fixed soon!
    A new green theme will be enrolled before January 14th! It will include a light and dark mode. Dark mode will only be accessible to users who have purchased any rank upgrade from Diamond and above!

    There are a few more tings that we will be adding to make our users have a wonderful experience using our site! If you have any suggestions, be sure to submit them here!

    Staff Changes:

    As you may know there have been quite a few changes to our staff team and I would like to make you aware of them!

    - Luke has become the proud Owner of MCTrades!
    - Callex has been promoted to Manager & Dispute Resolver!
    - Beau has been promoted to Moderator & Dispute Resolver!

    I would like to personally congratulate everyone on their promotions! I have no doubt that these staff changes are for the better and I am truly excited to begin working with everyone on the MCTrades team!

    Attention all XenForo Dev's! We are currently looking for a experienced developer that can help us out with implementing some of these new changes! Please open a ticket on our Discord to learn more!

    We would also like to thank Callum for doing a wonderful job with running the site these past few years and we wish you the best in life!
    Top Chatter:

    As you may know, top chatter has been added back! Each month has a specific name color, so each top chatter will have a different color!

    I would like to congratulate jjonas on becoming top chatter! I really hope you enjoy the exclusive January name tag color!

    Discord Updates:

    We encourage all users to join our discord to get weekly updates, giveaways and more!
    You can join our discord here!


    On the behalf of the entire MCTrades team, we wish you all a wonderful and safe 2021! Let this year be a beautiful and bright new start for our wonderful community!

    - MCTrades Team

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    Happy New Year
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