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    Selling Ads with guaranteed joins. I can guarantee them joining within 1-2 hours of the purchase. I accept PayPal and BitCoin, These ads are not through a giveaway like most other ads, This is through a discord bot, a lot of people assume it's a spam-dm bot, It's not, It wouldn't be possible to guarantee joins that way and it would be an abuse of the discord API.
    Refund Policy:
    I do not offer refunds unless you do not receive the number of members you purchased, Once the ad has been started refunds are off the table unless you don't get all the joins.
    $8 - 100 Joins Guaranteed
    $16 - 200 Joins Guaranteed
    $24 - 300 Joins Guaranteed
    $32 - 400 Joins Guaranteed
    $40 - 500 Joins Guaranteed
    $45 - 600 Joins Guaranteed
    $52 - 700 Joins Guaranteed
    $60 - 800 Joins Guaranteed
    $67 - 900 Joins Guaranteed
    $75 - 1000 Joins Guaranteed
    $82 - 1100 Joins Guaranteed
    Message me on discord at Bug#0405 or on-site.
    Terms of Service:
    "I", "Me", or "We" refers to the sellers.
    "You" refers to you, the buyer.

    (i) Upon purchase, you agree to these terms of service in their entirety.

    (ii) You are not allowed to chargeback under any circumstances. Unless the required joins (joins) were not given, we are not at fault for anything which occurs after payments - this also applies to users leaving, breaking your rules or Discord's rules, or any other undesirable outcome.

    (iii) We are not responsible for users leaving after they join your server.

    (iv) We do not intentionally use "Bot accounts" or "fake accounts" to increase the number of joins. To our knowledge, all users are unique and real.

    (v) We are not responsible for users' behavior on your server - this is entirely your responsibility.

    (vi) We will provide you with a set number of extra joins to your server as insurance - however, we are not obligated to do so, and doing so is dependent on our wishes at the time.

    (vii) After joins are given and completed, you are not entitled to a refund under any circumstance. The decision to refund will be done if we deem it necessary.

    (viii) You understand that attempting to violate or disregard these Terms of Service may lead to action being taken against you.
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