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Discussion in 'Server Management' started by almog moshe, Feb 8, 2021.

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    Hey, so a little brief. I will make this short, I look for a mature partner must be 18+ which has a lot of experience managing a server. My plan is to make the next big pit server. Already started working on the files, and i came out with a preety good outcome.
    - Must be able to participate in payments/required payments(since we have a lot to work on)
    - Must have a discord with a functioning mic.
    - Must have knowledge of minecraft and managing a server.
    - Must have creativity and an open mind.
    - Must be active in discord 24/7.

    - Server earnings splits 50-50 %.
    - You dont need to manage a server by yourself while i am on your side. Managing a server by yourself can get really hard and difficult and requires a lot of work.
    - I am available almost all day and i will be able to work day and night.
    - You will learn new things.
    - Gain more experience.
    - And the most importnat have fun.

    Budget requirement:
    - Partner must have a functioning job to gain income to work on the server.
    - You need to have at least 400 usd that you can spend right away so we may start working on the server.

    I know i ask for a lot in a partner, but if we want this server to become a huge success it wont be cheap and easy, But after putting a lot of effort it will be very rewarding and worth it.
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