Offering Spookays' Account Shop

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    Minecraft Accounts: bottings Grade7
    Spookays' account shop :)
    Discord: Robes#4921 | 477535315696025600

    - Paypal & BTC are my only forms of payment

    -I will never go first, you must go first or use a middleman we both agree on.

    -Once the account is sold to you, it is fully your responsibility.

    -I take no responsibility for whatever happens to the account after I sell it unless I say so.

    IGN: Trin*ets
    Hint: I just finished the last episode of Trinkets

    [+] Short owner history
    [+] Fresh Secured Gmail Account
    [+] Freshly Sniped
    [+] 1 Name change
    [+] Dispute Link Deleted
    [+] Looks clean as hell in-game
    [-] Email changeable
    [-] TID lost

    S/B - offer
    BIN - offer​