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    1. Have you ever been scammed before on MCTrades or any other market place and felt that there was nothing you could do to get your money back?

    2. Have you ever felt that reporting the scammer that scammed you, did not give you any satisfaction at all?

    Well, you do not need to experience any of that ever again if you are insured by MC FINANCE
    For just $1 a month

    What services does MC Finance provide?

    1. We insure the money that you have lost.
    2. We become the middleman for all of your trade
    3. We make sure that you can always feel safe while trading and never worry about losing money

    We solve all of your problems about safe trading!
    Terms and Conditions

    1. MCFinance would only insure the money you have lost if MCFinance was the middleman in the trade.

    If you are interested in purchasing our insurance, here are our following plans:

    If you need help or have questions, feel free to join the discord link below :