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Discussion in 'Middlemen' started by nicolas fernandez, Mar 30, 2021.

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    I am going to start doing middle man service

    !] I offer middle man service, accepting bitcoin, Venmo, and PayPal as of now.

    [!] The fee is $5 if it is above $99 and free under $99

    [!] I am very trustworthy and I have middleman experience in other games.

    Contact me on discord: Ohgeesy#0053 (might change it to Ohgeesy#0001 very soon)

    Middleman process:

    1. Open a ticket on my discord server and enter the seller’s tag. I will create a group with you two.
    2. Seller gives me the goods
    3. I will check if it is legit you can also request me to check a specific thing.
    4. After we make sure it is legit you can pay me the fees, via PayPal or Bitcoin.
    5. I will then hand over the goods to you and you will hand over the money to the seller.

    Something is wrong with the goods? Feel like you have gotten scammed by the seller? (got locked from a account scenario.) Do not worry I got your back. Make a ticket for a refund I will give all the money back. :) (not the fee) (Only works with PayPal.)

    Vouches are very appreciated <3

    Discord server: