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    ⚡ Wezel's Middleman Service ⚡

    Avoid a scam, use middleman.

    About me:
    I have been exchanging crypto and doing loans for a long time, and built up rep and a online business, both onsite but also in my 1k member business discord (https://discord.gg/QbX33dB).


    Both my Discord Server and Currency Exchange service has hundreds of vouches for thousands of $ dealt, and people always go first with me.


    Value over $110: 4%
    Value under $110: 4$

    What i middleman:

    • Discord Servers
    • Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin (Any Crypto)

    Crypto - PayPal F&F - Skrill


    Always confirm my identity before sending any money, this can be done by opening a convo with me on Mc-Trades.
    Open a ticket in my discord server: https://discord.gg/QbX33dB
    Discord: Wezel#9017

    1. I am not responsible for what happens with the items after the deal has started, or if a scam takes place.
    2. The middleman fee is non-refundable, and must be paid to me before the deal starts. Even if your deal doesn't go through, I keep the fee to pay me for my time.
    3. Any transaction fees for MM fee or for the items being MMd is on you (crypto miner fees, skrill fee, F&F fee)
    3. Confirm onsite, dont get scammed. Any impersonators scamming has nothing to do with me.
    5. By using me you agree to my TOS, and acknowledge that this TOS is subject to change.