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Discussion in 'Investments' started by TGPEMuneeb, Jun 9, 2021 at 9:59 AM.

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    Who are you?
    Hey there reader. My name is Muneeb and I am a 15 year old individual/minecrafter-manager-configuration developer, whatever you want to call me. I believe a person’s age should never be a restriction to their abilities. I live in India, having a time zone of GMT +5:30. I usually wake up at 5:30 am and read a book before going to work for the Minecraft server . I have a timetable set to ensure a “perfect” ratio of my studies and my recreational activities. My hobbies are playing keyboard, playing soccer, reading and to play Minecraft. I am a determined, compassionate and a diligent person. I have basic knowledge of Minecraft “workings” – Basically meaning the configurations and usage of commands. I have worked for servers before as a manager, a co owner and an admin, so I actually know what it takes to “run” a server and getting it on the track. I am a people person and people generally like me, I am social and can easily connect to anyone within a short amount of time. I know the rules and regulations Mojang or now Microsoft has for you as a Minecraft player or even a server. I have extensive knowledge of Minecraft plugins – I can easily find the suitable and healthy plugins for the server, which is good for an owner as he won’t just go like – “Oh my god, I don’t know this! Please developers help me!” – That’s not the type of person I am. If I don’t know anything, I search it up, I investigate it and come to a conclusion.​

    Why are you here?
    I am here today to tell you about my minecraft project or well, I would say an idea I have for my server. This will be a custom loaded, fantasy and magic themed minecraft server, where our gamemodes will be custom and well, based on the theme.​

    What is your server about?
    We are working on a custom skyblock experience with custom bosses (with custom textures of course). The bosses we are working on do have special abilities, and will occur in PVE arenas, boss realms and even events. We will have custom items with us, the normal vanilla mobs will be renamed and re textured to fit our needs. We will have custom enchants, custom tools and a LOT more! But of course, as you can see we need a lot of manpower to speed this up, so that's why I am looking for a sponsor. An OP skyblock server, where it consisted of dungeons for people to fight mobs and gain various items, a highly competitive skyblock like Hypixel, but different. I want to remake the spawners like other skyblock servers, have custom islands, and a lot more features by adding ideas of different gamemode styles like RPG, and others.​

    What will I get if I invest?
    If you decide to invest us, you will receive a special rank named "Sponsor" which will have very special perms - better than our top donator rank. You will get a separate discord role. We will make a gamemode of YOUR choice. You will get 25% off the server income for as long as you invest us. A mob in skyblock will be named by WHATEVER you give us! You will be featured on our website and well, if there is anything you want in the server, we will do it as our top priority.​

    How much do you need in terms of the investment?
    I need roughly 230$ to do what I need to do, I need about 100$ for models, and animations. 20$ for the Model Engine, 20$ for the Website, textures are 20$ possibly more, server hosting will cost about 30$ a month, then lastly some paid plugins that are round up to about 30$.
    Out of these, our top priorities are as follows: Hosting: 30$, models: 40$ - Pre payment, website: 20$, plugins - 50$ (Model engine included). That rounds up to 140$​

    This is just for the first month, the price goes down as we progress with the server.

    So if you are willing to become an investor, throw me a DM, as this is going to be a big project and me and my whole team has a lot of ideas to implement in the server.​

    Who do you have in your team and what are there specialties?
    TGPEMuneeb - Configuration development, ideas, management and overall work and lookout.​

    Emma - Head Management, overall work and lookout, ideas, community and staff management.
    Luciode - Overall work and lookout, configuration development and ideas.​

    Challenge Bros - Development, system management, ideas, lookout and testing.​

    Senior Moderator
    MrPsychicMan - Configuration development, community hype, ideas and testing.​

    Rainbow - Item and mob creation, community hype, ideas and testing.
    Favorite - Item and mob creation, community hype, ideas and testing.​

    Hunter - Item and mob creation, community hype, ideas, partnerships and testing.
    Pandemix - Item and mob creation, community hype, ideas, partnerships, various other in game configurations and testing.​

    Space - Plugin development, website development, configuration and panel lookover.
    0xp - Plugin development and configuration.​

    SGT Ducky - Building and ideas.​

    I know this isn't a massive team, but effective as it seems.

    Any work I can see?
    Here are some of our custom mobs:
    Dungeon mob 1
    Dungeon mob 2
    Earth Elemental
    Flame Elemental

    Do you have a domain yet?
    As a matter of fact, yes we do: "" - I even know how to work with a domain through CloudFlare, so I am not just a random person who doesn't know anything.​

    How do I contact you?
    We have a lot planned for this server, so if you are interested, here is my discord: TGPEMuneeb#8204