Ranked Account - Stacked MC Account - Veltpvp - FaithfulMC - Vipermc + MORE

Discussion in 'Ranked Accounts' started by Dimbers, Jun 10, 2021 at 2:57 PM.

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    Minecraft Accounts: durty
    Ranks: Stacked MC Account - Veltpvp - FaithfulMC - Vipermc + MORE

    Username: REDACTED


    Transaction ID: No

    Previous Owners: 0

    Additional Information:

    **Username:** REDACTED

    **Transaction ID:** No

    **Previous Owners:** 0

    **Additional Information:**

    ViperMC - Cinder
    VeltPvP - Juggernaught
    CosmicPvP - Top Rank
    FaithfulPvP - Faithful w/ 3 Kits
    Minejunkie - Gangster w/ 2 Kits + Tags
    Minejunkie - Redstone
    Minemen - Clubber
    SagePvP - Vip w/ Diamond GKit
    CavePvP - YouTube Rank
    Lunar Cape
    Optifine Cape
    Unbanned Hypixel

    The account is currently **NOT BANNED** on any servers that I am AWARE of.
    Might have ranks on other servers, however, I don't know due to the fact I haven't played Minecraft in a long time.

    Information for the account will be given along with security question answers.
    E-Mail access will also be given for the account.

    **Discord: Durty#3714**
    **Twitter: OfficialDurty**

    Feel free to message me on them!