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    Eytril Network

    Welcome, today I am here to tell you guys something about our network Eytril Network. Our network is a network with gamemode’s such as: Practice, Kitmap and Hardcore Factions (HCF). That being said, we need staff & developers to build our server and moderate it.

    Positions open:

    3 Managers in total. (Payment can be discussed)
    4 Developers in total. (Paid)
    1-2 Platform Admins.
    2-3 Senior Admins.
    3-4 Admins.
    2-3 Senior Moderators.
    2-3 Moderator+.
    4 Moderators.
    5 Trial Moderators.
    & Media (unlimited)

    Quick explanation about all paid positions:

    General Manager: You're in control of getting staff members and dealing with staff applications, demotions and promotions. You'll help find us staff and deal with recruitment. Other then that you'll be managing the in-game server, forums and our teamspeak server.

    Community Manager: You are in control of the forums, creating polls and starting events on the server. You're task is to keep the server active and running, and sending simple messages through twitter etc...

    Media Manager: Your job is to help us find new media ranks for the network(Youtubers/Streamers/Partners). You recruit new media ranks. You get to deal with accepting and denying these ranks.

    If you are interested in any of these positions please join our
    discord @ https://discord.gg/ZKNtaZnyQr. Pricing will be discussed in private messages.

    Server Information:
    Discord: https://discord.gg/eytril

    Forums: eytril.org
    Teamspeak IP : ts.eytril.org
    IP: eytril.org