Offering $25 Next Gen Prestige Upgradable Hoes

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Arya, Jul 19, 2021.

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    AutoSell - Sell cane and buff sell at high
    TokenBooster - Each cane gives more tokens per hit
    KeyDrop - Chance to get special rare keys
    Fortune - Increases the amount of cane per hit

    Haste - Gives the haste buff
    Looter - Chance to get tools, amour, and much more
    Replenish - Chance to grow any cane you hit



    Prestige's is a brand new feature of harvesting cane. Once you hit a certain amount of cane your harvester hoe will be prestige. This gives you the chance to upgrade your hoe past the max limit! The higher your hoe is prestige the more you can upgrade your hoe.


    Personal Harvest Hoes

    Player Harvester hoes- Is it annoying when you are hitting cane and you just die with your hoe and lose all your progress? Now with this feature, your harvester hoe will belong to you and you alone. No player can take your hoe. (For further details look at the showcase in @Tree Development Discord)

    Faction Wide Harvester Hoes

    Want to build teamwork and work together? With this feature, you're more than capable of this. Each upgrade goes towards your hoe, the amount of cane hit, the tokens, and everything shared based on your faction. (For further details look at the showcase in @TreeDevelopment Discord)

    Cane Top Rewards

    Every hour, day, or minute of a player being cane top is given a reward. If they're cane top for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd they are given rewards.
    Token Shop

    Small Features

    We have added some small additional features: captchas, cane top holograms, and anti-breaking bottom of the cane.


    Tree Development

    Tree Development is a service for plugins, configurations, and setups. Some of our services are custom plugins, skyblock/factions setups, and pre configurations for plugins.


    Join the discord if you would like to purchase our services.
    If you have any questions please open a ticket and we would be more than happy to help!