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    UK's #1 Hosting for ANYTHING! - Yes, we will host anything!



    Get the cheapest hosting in UK based on a small business. We host absolutely anything. Yes, ANYTHING!
    From Game Servers to Voice Servers, Websites to Forums, MySQL Databases to Hard-Drive Backups, ShoutCAST to Icecast Stations, VPSes to Dedicated Servers; You name it, we'll host it!*

    Our hosting is 100% genuine and completely customisable! Make a VPS quote, or a quote for any service almost immediately by contacting us!

    Why choose us?
    We at EpicHosts are, in a way, customers ourselves! We view the site as if we were our own customers - that way we ensure every effort of detail is put into the quality of our site so that each customer receives the best experience of all companies, whilst performing a mix of casual and professional procedures to suit everybody's needs!

    We have earned a fully monitored and confirmed 99.5% uptime within the last 12 months of service (Since 07/13) which beats even the top, most used hosting companies out there to date! This way you will have peace of mind and greatest assurance that your service will have a top-notch uptime when using us! :)

    We comprise of only the most professional, qualified and fluent-speaking agents! With fast support and many methods to communicate, there's always a way to get a hold of us in a way that is most convenient to you! (No one wants their service to be left with an inexperienced, bad English-speaking company possibly run by minors, or who could also possibly be fraudulent or 'go out of business' for any reason! ;))

    We accept over 10 payment methods, which is more than the average hosting company nowadays! Starting from PayPal to Credit/Debit cards, PaySafeCard to SMS/Phone and Bank Transfers to Postal Orders (Cash in Post)! Therefore satisfying even the strictest payment limitations!

    Best of all, we are the only company on many directories, to acquire fully up-to-date certifications and qualifications, whilst also being alive for over 5 years to ensure that we know what we're doing - as well as juggling all of our customers' requests in a satisfying amount of time that meets all SLAs (Service-Level Agreements)! Now that's impressive! :D

    We use dedicated machines with the following specifications:
    3.6GHz 8 cores
    32GB RAM
    Gigabit Internet Connection


    (Speedtest results are based on our VPS and dedicated machine services)

    Make a FREE quote now via the Live Chat or the support system on the homepage!

    Estimated Quotes (True quotes are on the website, below are just estimates):
    SSD Web Hosting - As low as £2.99/m
    WoW Servers - As low as £14.99/m
    Pre-Installed Habbo Retros (Contact us!) - As low as £19.99/m
    Half-Life, TF2, CS:S, CS:GO etc - As low as £5.99/m for 32 player slots!
    Pre-Installed Runescape Servers - As low as £11.99/m
    Minecraft Servers - As low as £4.95/m
    Starbound Servers - As low as £2.99/m
    Terraria Servers - As low as £2.99/m
    SA-MP & FiveM Servers - As low as £14.99/m
    Linux & Windows VPSes - As low as £8.95/m (1GB RAM 250GB HDD or 25GB SSD)
    SHOUTcast Servers - As low as £2.49/m
    IceCast Servers - As low as £2.49/m
    TCP/UDP/HTTP Proxies - As low as £3.99/m
    Dedicated Machines - As low as £49.95/m (Or contact us with your requirements for the best deal!)

    *Terms and Conditions apply.​