Ranked Account - Selling Masters Accounts, Diamond, Fresh ext

Discussion in 'Ranked Accounts' started by crimsonx, Jun 19, 2024.

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    Minecraft Accounts: D01093000
    Ranks: Selling Masters Accounts, Diamond, Fresh ext

    Username: REDACTED


    Transaction ID: Yes

    Previous Owners: 0

    Additional Information:

    -my personal account, max security
    - lunar wings, 3x lunar cloaks, 1x lunar halo, 1x glasses/backpack, 1x bee pet
    -lvl 270
    -green star, magic box, blood explosion dia div rewards
    -a lot of other stats, coins, and cosmetics

    Discord: hap9410 PayPal ONLY !!!!!! Please do not add if you don't have access to PayPal, you'd be surprised how many ppl don't scroll down here.