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Discussion in 'Advertising Services' started by BitNano, Apr 13, 2019.

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    Hey, I would like to introduce u the services this discord server will offer to new people to crypto and even to advanced people in crypto. Introduction Hey! I am NightThrew. I have been in the crypto space for more than a year already. I am here to share my experience in the crypto space. In my experience i have made mistakes that cost me a stake of my coins. I would like to share you all tips and tricks i have learned over the time. And even improve my knowledge by researching coins and learning more about the cryptocurrency space. If u have any questions about me. U can gladly private message me. I will try to answer as soon as i can :) Services: - Beginner help/guide to help u learn to invest in the cryptocurrency world without making mistakes. - How to trade? Which platforms should you trust? - Controlling your emotions during trading! - How do u make a TA ( Technical analysis) - How to see if a project is trustable. How to research a project you are willing to invest in. - Coins Review (This is going to be based on their Whitepaper, how they are progessing and many more things) - Motivation - And many more to come!

    I m seraching for some staff members. dm me.