Offering Custom Enchants 1.8-1.9

Discussion in 'Plugins and Developers' started by Llama, Aug 12, 2017.

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  1. Llama

    Llama New Member

    Custom enchants are a custom feature that provide you with an all new experience! There are a total of 68 custom enchants in this pack that will provide you with a new feature to stick out from the crowd! First, do /enchant. This will bring up a GUI to choose what tier enchantment you want. You have the ability to enable and disable any of the 68 enchantments. When added to equipment, they are organized by color for that extra aesthetic pop.

    Tier 1: 15 experience levels

    Tier 2: 30 experience levels

    Tier 3: 45 experience levels

    Tier 4: 50 experience levels

    Tier 5: 60 experience levels


    After you choose the tier, you will receive a random enchantment book from that level. Right-click with the enchantment book in hand and choose an item to enchant. If you no longer wish to use the enchantment, do /cancel and the book will be returned to you.


    Below is a list of some the custom enchants we currently have implemented. (We have a total of 68 enchants)

    /enchant give <playername> <enchant type> <level> <amount>

    Description: Gives a player an enchantment book.



    Description: Opens up the enchant GUI.

    /enchant reload

    Description: Reloads the configurations.


    Arcadiaenchant.use < Allows player to use the system.

    I recommend hooking this up to citizens.

    Test Server: N/A

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