Requesting DeltaPvP - Searching for extra Owner

Discussion in 'Servers' started by Azut, Oct 8, 2017.

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  1. Azut

    Azut Trader

    About me:
    Hello , iam Azut iam an experienced owner i've owned quiet big networks such as DeltaHCF , AbarisPvP and HijixMC. Why did they shut down? I don't realy have a main reason why it shutted down it was just to expensive for me alone and took way to much IRL time away.

    Proof Ownership DeltaHCF:
    Proof Ownership AbarisPvP:
    Proof Ownership HijixMC:

    • I want to bring back DeltaPvP with other people i currently have in total an Developer that worked with me since deltahcf (9 months ago) he is trustfully etc,

    How will donations & money split etc go?
    • All the donation money that we get will go back to the server first. (For example we got $600 and we need to spend $400 for next map then we have $400 safe)
    • Extra money ($200) Will be into the secured PayPal so we Always have money just incase something goes wrong , if we made $1000 in total then there will go $400 to the "next map" $200 will go into a secured PayPal and $400 will be splitted to the three owners , and its your choice what you do with it.

    • You need to have Experience
    • You need to be 14+
    • You need to be MATURE
    • You need motivation & time
    • Money: You need to have atleast $300 PayPal to spend on the network

    • Core: The core-part is fully custom only the FACTIONS are from PARA
    This core is being worked on since DeltaHCF (9 months ago) its tested with 255 people (19 TPS)
    • Anticheat: Our anticheat named "Inspection" is here from DeltaHCF aswel (9 months ago) Its a realy good anticheat and it will stop most of the cheaters, it can handle a decent amount of players aswel


    What do we currently have?

    We only have a buycraft atm: (Custom domain soon)

    Feel free to contact me over Skype,twitter,MCTrades
    Skype - [email protected]
    Twitter -
  2. Mike

    Mike Trader

    Im Mike, I have messaged you on skype as I already had you as a contact.
  3. Rank

    Rank Trader

    Minecraft Accounts: Partnered
    Azut is very good owner I would like to say!
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    HijixMc Is the same picture as Abaris

    Fix :)

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