October charity event, awards for most active users, and other updates!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by buildblox, Oct 2, 2017.

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By buildblox on Oct 2, 2017 at 9:02 PM
  1. buildblox

    buildblox MCTrades Owner & Founder

    Minecraft Accounts: buildblox
    Hello there, everyone! There are some extensive updates for this month, so pay attention to this announcement!​


    I'm happy to announce that MCTrades will be doing a fundraiser to collect funds for Gamers Outreach, a not-for-profit organization specifically geared towards a gamers to gamers mentality, helping those in need through video game therapy. As per their mission statement:

    I had the opportunity to meet their founder last Minecon (very awesome guy), and I was extremely impressed by their agenda. I'm happy that MCTrades has the opportunity to assist this institution; users can donate in two ways:

    • Name color. For a limited time, users can purchase an exclusive Gamers Outreach name color (which I am currently sporting on my account). The color costs $5 and can be purchased from the upgrades page. The name color can also be gifted.
    • Charity Medal. We have an exclusive medal for those who wish to donate $25 or more. If you'd like to purchase access to this medal, please make a support ticket or private message Jayson or me.
    Users are free to donate any amount they'd like (please contact us for any value besides $5); however, only these two tiers of cosmetic items are currently available.

    Our current goal is $150. More info to come as we progress through the month of October!

    After seeing the rapid boost in our member count, we've decided to award users who hit specific stat counts! Here are the new awards:
    • Top Non-staff Chatter - The top non-staff chatter each month receives a free Diamond rank (if they already have Diamond, then Emerald; if the already have Emerald, then two free name colors of their choice)
    • More coming soon!
    We've updated our MCAssociation! Due to the amount of downtime we were getting on the original script, we've chosen to self-host MCAssociation ourselves! This has proven to be much better for us, as we have direct control over customizing the script. Here's what it means for you:
    • Existing associated accounts remain associated unless stated otherwise.
    • Passwords used on the script from other websites will not work. This means that for new accounts you'd have to redo the linking process.
    Hopefully we won't have any more bugs with that specific addon.

    Staff Addition - Please give a warm welcome to phewo (who was previously just a chat moderator) to our moderation team! She'll be assisting us in resolving reports quicker now that there are more coming in.

    That's basically it, guys. I hope to see you all donating to our fundraiser, and thank you all for being active members of MCTrades :)

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by buildblox, Oct 2, 2017.

    1. Cal
      When you see the money mcm is getting on their graident names so you decide to make your own an take a cut.
    2. GolamT313
      Good stuff but I don't know much about this "Gamers Outreach". I don't see how video games help children in hospitals. IMO money should be raised for a necessity :)
    3. buildblox
      Statistical evidence shows that strategic video games help cancer patients unconsciously battle their diseases, and helps get their mind off their current predicament.

      Well, October is the charity month of charity months :confused:
    4. Jayson
      While I can't speak for MCM, I can assure you that most to all profits in relation to the before mentioned medal, Gamers Outreach namecolor, and donations in which the donor states is a donation to this charity event will indeed go to Gamers Outreach.
    5. GolamT313
      Seems like a good cause, I'll donate my part :)
    6. NAV
      hey ive bought the color how do i equip it <3
    7. Dew
      Bought this, really like it and i am doing a good deed. :)
    8. Projecki
      Oh goodness... a medal... and it's affordable? I may have to get that.
    9. Flame
      Ur right about the games helping the cancer patients, studies have shown that sometimes if u take ur mind off of the cancer it'll help you recover quicker.

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