Offering RubyThaCherry's Management/Community Services [Available] [Paid]

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by RubyThaCherry, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. RubyThaCherry

    RubyThaCherry New Member

    Hi, My name is Anthony & I am 19 Years old. I currently live in the United states in Texas. I live with my best friend that I have known for over 6 years & my beautiful girlfriend. I have been a Minecraft player for several years now and I've come to understand the numerous game modes/servers it has to offer. I have always been a talkative person and I love spending time with others. I am able to interact with the playerbase with ease and make them feel comfortable with the server. I am always wide ears for ideas and changes, I never allow others to get to me or hurt me. I know what I do is for the best of the Community or server.

    Previous Work/Experience
    Well, most servers only hire Well Experienced Managers but in my case I have never been one. I have always been a Helper, Moderator or Admin. I have created my own servers multiple times. I know what it takes to be a Manager and Hope for you to give me my first server & maybe even my last.
    [Helper - FadeCloud] I was a Helper on the FadeCloud Network for only about 7 Months. I became a Helper through the admins and was demoted for inactivity because of school. I was about 16 at this time and no longer in school.

    [Mod - PvPMC] I was only a mod for around a week. Left because of the inactive staff and Owner. Didn't feel anything going on and had no reason to be there.

    [Helper - VanityPvP] Became a Helper for Vanity about 3 months ago. I am still a Helper for the server and been active with the owners and being promted soon. This will NOT get in the way of my Manager Jobs. The only time I will leave this server is if you hire me for a good Paid Job.

    [Owner - ShockedMC] I bought a Logo From someone and the name. I created it into skyblock and ended because I could not find a Partner to help fund. I had the whole server and Buycraft ready by my self but could not fund it alone.

    [Owner - EnchantedSkys] This server went up to 15 players daily. My partner & I did a Factions server and got up to 500 players in total of being up for only about 1 week. Shortly ended because of a hacker stealing the files and removing them.

    What I Have to Offer
    [Staff] I will be working with staff to ensure a mature and efficient team that the server can rely on. This includes tasks such as, reviewing staff applications, creating staff guidelines, and enforcing disciplinary actions on out of place staff. All staff that will be Hired will be added to a Interview that you also will be in.

    [Xenforo - Forums] I can work on Xenforo websites, such as adding sections, creating groups & the groups perms. I know how to give tags and threads. Tasks such as making announcements, helping with support requests, and creating formats.

    [Social Media] My job is to Host Events for the community and always have a Open ear to the Community's ideas. I can make announcements on new things added to the server or new changes.

    [In-Game] I’ll be doing the In-Game job that is expected from all staff. This means I will be interacting with players, hosting events, making sure all players are conforming the server rules, and much more.

    [Configurations] I can help with any Plugin Config help. Any problems or bugs that happen within a Config area I can fix or improve. I have very good experience in Configs work. I can work on any config and make it look as you want & make professional and clean.

    [Leadership] - A leader in my eyes is someone who can create a group for a Family. A Leader is just like a big Brother. The Little brother looks up to the Big brother and follows him around and does what he does. A Leader is someone who members & other staff should look up to. I believe I can show that leadership and work my way up to the higher staff.

    [Effort] - I put 100% effort into all my work. I will be active on your server name and website/chats. I will not go missing or just never speak with you again. I always put as much effort as I can into everything I can do.

    [In Game Moderation] - I will carefully watch over your Chat. Make sure Helpers & the Members are following the rules. I Will keep a close eye on Higher staff such as Admins & Moderators. Help members with problems they may have or bugs.

    [Event Planning] - Event planning is where I will think of ideas and games that we Staff can do to make the Members have more fun and to win prizes. Everyone enjoys winning Op items or money. This will get your player-base to either build higher or gain members who just love the server and Play every day.

    I Have knowledge in pretty much everything that any network would possibly need covering. I am a very friendly and kind person, I have grown as a Person and dont allow people to get to me so easily. If I do something I see fit and other users do not like this then I will not let them get to me. I will move on and ignore it. I come up with some unique ideas to add to the game modes. I can think of some events we could do & how to gain more players.

    I have a large amount of free time right now. I'm not in education, however, I'm looking for a job to suit both IRL and free time work. I work IRL at little creases as a Manager and only make a sum amount of money. Really would love to start doing something online here.

    Payment will be discussed individually with those who are interested. I do not have a set price as different servers will have different requests on what I would be doing as a Manager.

    Via Paypal or Cash.

    Disclaimer: I will only be accepting FULL TIME offers from established servers with decent playerbases. You may offer me if your a New server.

    Private Message or Discord
    Discord: Anthony/Ruby#3507
  2. RubyThaCherry

    RubyThaCherry New Member

    Bump! Still Available.
  3. Vopadox

    Vopadox Business Mineman

    So you've never worked as a Manager before, correct?

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