Offering Selling Towny Server - Textura | $915 Total Revenue

Discussion in 'Servers' started by Memer, Jan 2, 2019.

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    Textura is an extremely balanced Minecraft server for 1.13.2 that I created a while back after playing plenty of unfair servers in the past. The server is not currently running, and the map will not be sold with the server (as there were many previous players' towns scattered everywhere).

    Textura had a very simplistic theme, with >> as the general logo/icon. (&a and &b)
    This very simplistic theme was enjoyed by many of the previous members. The announcements and command outputs were not annoying to look at unlike other servers with obnoxious prefixes.

    Textura has a decent amount of premium plugins, and every plugin is configured professionally. Every plugin looks good, and the Essentials output colors have been changed to an easier-to-look-at color.

    I purchased these plugins on spigotmc, so if there is ever an update, I would not mind sending you the .jar files via Discord.

    Textura has a rankup system, in which you can use to rankup for in-game currency. Each rank already has permissions. Every rank is balanced. Staff ranks cannot be exploited. All real-money ranks are completely fair.

    There are 5 ranks that are purchasable. Each rank complies with the Minecraft EULA, and every rank perks are earnable in-game (but, however, are extremely difficult to earn).

    EDIT: I also have the domain (through Google Domains)

    For more information or proof, contact me on Discord: mEMER#7554. If you have questions or comments, leave them below. There may have been things I forgot to include. Thanks!
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    How much you looking for?